Now residing in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley area of Texas, dedicated primarily to OPI (Over the Phone Interpreting), and Face to Face Interpreting as requested.

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OMG! Upon agreeing with a colleague, a Certified Medical Interpreter(CMI), who requested to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation with her employer to investigate information for this blog, I began to realize just how crazy things were. The more I started digging, the more forthcoming people were with information, and the more backlash I received. […]

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Thumper, the rabbit, said, “If you can’t say something nice….don’t say nothin’ at all.” –Walt Disney, Bambi, 1942. That was a smart little rabbit. There are times, though, when being silent is the same as accepting injustices committed against those that cannot speak for themselves –for example, the LEP (Limited Language Proficient) persons. Although the […]

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The term ‘Qualified Interpreter’ is nothing more than a nice sounding catch phrase. You can say if you want to, and I hope you don’t want to, that a qualified interpreter is someone who can quack like a duck. The term ‘qualified’ in the world of interpreting, in reality, has no meaning. It is more […]

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Certified Spanish Healthcare Interpreter
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