Now residing in the beautiful Rio Grande Valley area of Texas, dedicated primarily to OPI (Over the Phone Interpreting), and Face to Face Interpreting as requested.

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Yes Colorado there is a Certified Spanish Medical Interpreter

Spanish David


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   David Martin Tucker, launches “Spanish David”                                                           


Spanish David, is a Certified Spanish Medical Interpreter who has a passion for Latin American language and culture! Beyond interpreting, David’s fluency emphasizes clarity with medical terminology by giving a voice to his Spanish speaking clients during times of stress. There are only 101 Certified Medical Interpreters in the entire state of Colorado (as of March, 2018); David’s dedication to his role positions him as an asset to both the medical institutions and language services he works with.

He is an honor’s graduate of  the Southern California School of Interpreter’s Medical Program, and David holds a Bachelor degree in Modern Languages, Spanish, and Business & Accounting. Bringing his humor and joyful positivity into his work, David’s interpersonal abilities and superb language fluency are the result of constant study and immersion in the Spanish language; furthering his lingual and cultural study at institutions in Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, and throughout Colorado.

Working directly with Doctors, Therapists, and Medical Institutions, as well as some of the best Language Services Agencies, David is committed to fluency by continuously immersing himself in the language and culture of the Latino world. David spends his free time dedicated to learning something new. Honing his abilities in Costa Rica, Mexico, Guatemala, and with institutions throughout Colorado, he strives to bring personality, joy and dedication with every interaction!

David’s refreshing and personal approach to medical translation, brings an intuitive and natural comprehension & the idiosyncrasies of the many regions of the Latino world. Be sure to connect with me on:

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Certified Spanish Medical Interpreter
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